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This model is for the clients that have internal IT resources responsible for the daily operation and are facing new IT projects that require external expertise. IO-Labs can play an integrated role in this model in cooperation with the customer’s IT staff in order to come up with the best-fit design for new projects or for streamlining the existing operation. IO-Labs role might stop at providing the detailed study of the project or might extend to include the implementation phase, after which the client’s staff take the project operation over.

For clients that want to concentrate on their core business operation while decreasing the overhead associated with building and maintaining an internal IT team, IO-Labs outsourcing services guarantees that the corporate IT requirements and projects are delivered by professionals.

IO-Labs works closely with its customers on the development, implementation and support of Business Information Systems which meet their present and anticipated needs.
IO-Labs specializes in providing technical expertise throughout the entire system’s life cycle, from initial analysis and project definition through ongoing operations and
maintenance, our expertise is in provide the end-to-end support needed to help our clients perform their missions at high efficiency.

Our expertise enables us to offer our clients assistance and guidance in the implementation of their business management software solutions that helps increasing their business efficiency and leverage their existing IT infrastructure. Our work bridges the gap between our client business needs and the software technology. We deliver optimized solutions that utilize industry best practices, development methodologies and state-of-the-art software tools, assuring our customers high return on their software investment.

The feasibility of any project depends considerably on the start-up costs associated with it. For many business lines, IT consumes a big portion of these initial costs. IO-Labs Managed Services option comes as the perfect way out for clients overburdened with such expenses. Instead of building a complete IT infrastructure from day one, the client can “rent” these services from IO-Labs by hosting the applications and databases on dedicated or shared servers in a secured Data Center.

The highest levels of security are implemented on these servers to ensure the privacy of all of our clients. Whether a mail system, a billing application, a CRM database, or any other application/server, we can provide these services to the client at a fraction of the cost that would be incurred when building a complete IT solution on site.

IT arena is known for its high percentage of failed projects. These failures usually occur despite considerable resources being dedicated to projects. In many cases, the failure can be tracked back to one simple reason; a flawed in planing that did not take all potential issues into consideration and/or did not go into the details steps of the project implementation phase.

We believe in our capability to effectively guide clients’ projects starting from the initial planning phase and up to the closure point in order to deliver required milestones within time, budget, and other resources limitations.

Our project management services are oriented towards complex, multi-party IT projects. The success of such projects largely depends on the availability of an experienced project managers who have worked in similar environments and are capable of comprehending the distinct nature of IT projects.

One of the major challenges facing companies today is how to map their IT strategy to their business strategy. This translates into answering the question on the role
IT should play in improving a company’s competitive advantage. IO-Labs IT and business experts work on answering this question for clients; we analyze the field in which our clients are operating and advise them on the best route when it comes to IT investments. i.e.: the criticality of the IT infrastructure to their business ; the investment stages that should be followed for maximal ROI, what parts of the IT operation are to be outsourced, etc…